Jessie Lee Pierce

    What is your height?:  5'3

    Whats the one sexual thing you cant wait to try?:  I'm really turned on by bondage, submission and domination and I don't feel like I’ve tried everything that I want to... yet. I have watched a lot of porn in the genre and it really turns me on like nothing else. The anticipation of living out my fantasies is very exciting.

    What is your cup size?:  DD

    What is your star sign?:  I'm an Aries, which makes me fiery, highly sexual and adventurous.

    What day is your birthday?:  16th April 1989

    Whats your favourite colour?:  Pink, it's the true colour of femininity.

    Whats your favourite sex position?:  I love how deep missionary and doggy style can feel.

    Whats the most kinky place you've had sex?:  In a doctor's office, with my doctor.

    Share your most embarrasing sexual moment?:  I've never felt embarrassed during sex because I’m completely captivated in the moment, but while I was a stripper a few years ago my male cousin came in with a group of his friends. I was on the stage in my tiny costume and we were both mortified. He came up to me and told me not to worry and just keep doing my thing. Late nights on weekends I’ll receive a message from him asking me where I’m working these days, I know he’s checking if it’s safe to wonder into a Melbourne strip club without seeing my booty!!!

    What do you do on Sundays?:  Sundays have always felt like the day after or the night before to me, giving the day quite a strange feeling to me. I think Sundays are the best day of the week to spend doing light and fun activities, whatever tickles your fancy. Socialising, organising or spending the day in bed having steamy sex.

    Give us all your best sex tip.:  The best sex is when both people really enjoy what's going on. I always pay attention to what my partner enjoys. Seeing a man get off really turns me on.

    Whats your fav body part and what makes is special?:  First thing that popped into my mind is boobs, everyone describes them as perfect! Yet, I’m not sure I have a favourite body part. I love and except my body completely as a whole, I think of it as imperfectly perfect. I view other bodies in the same way, the human form is an amazing and beautiful creation.

    How did you orgasm for the first time?:  I was young, 9 years old watching Sesame Street and I was rubbing myself and my mum caught me and told me not to touch myself because people would think I was strange. I had no idea what I was doing, just that it felt good.

    Have you ever tried anal and do you like it?:  I tried anal with a boyfriend in my late teens. I'm open to trying most things once, it just doesn't get me off like vaginal sex. My vagina and clit are both extremely sensitive so that's what makes me cum really hard.

    Have you ever had a threesome and was it fun?:  Ah yes, the wonderful threesome. I've had many in my time, both ways. I love a good threesome with two girls and one lucky man! A threesome is a special experience that everyone should try at least once.

    Alot of people want to experience more sexually, what advice would you give them?:  If you deny yourself sexually you are neglecting a genuine part of yourself. Sex is one of life's greatest pleasures, it's also a physical and emotional connection between two (or more) people and we all need human connection. Therefore my advice is if you want to experience more sexually, GO FOR IT!!! A great way to find what you like is to watch a variety of porn scenes and find what really gets you hot and excited! Think of it as an expedition into your sexuality, who knows what you might find. Personally, I didn't discover my interest in bondage & sub/dom sex until mid-last year when my friend showed me a porn clip. I was shocked by how turned on I became and I watched more porn in the genre alone, although I enjoy all kinds of sex, bondage does something special for me, it's part of who I am. When I fantasize about having sex, the man is usually in the dominant role and the sex is quite intense and hard and I love it. Finding my kink explained why I imagined my favourite celebrity pinning me against a wall, choking me and cuming all over my face. Explore your sexuality and enjoy it! As long as it’s consensual, within the law and not hurting anybody there’s a world of fun to be had.

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