Kate Barlow

    What is your height?:  5 ft 4ish

    Whats the one sexual thing you cant wait to try?:  An orgy! The more the better

    What is your cup size?:  I don't know, I never wear bras. Probably B?

    What is your star sign?:  Libra

    What day is your birthday?:  17th October

    Whats your favourite colour?:  Red

    Whats your favourite sex position?:  Cowgirl

    Whats the most kinky place you've had sex?:  At a lookout overlooking a crowded beach

    Share your most embarrasing sexual moment?:  Not much really embarrasses me, but when I was younger I thought I was home alone with my boyfriend, so we were being pretty loud. Very loud. Then all of a sudden, my mum shouted my name...

    What do you do on Sundays?:  I don't do anything on any days, ever

    Give us all your best sex tip.:  Don't be afraid to use toys in the bedroom. It's not gonna replace your dick

    Whats your fav body part and what makes is special?:  My ears because without them I wouldn't be able to listen to music

    How did you orgasm for the first time?:  I was too young to remember!

    Have you ever tried anal and do you like it?:  I've had some bad experiences with it so I don't really like it

    Have you ever had a threesome and was it fun?:  Yes, I've had ggb and ggg threesomes, it was a tonne of fun!

    Alot of people want to experience more sexually, what advice would you give them?:  Ask first