Ryan James

    What is your height?:  183cm

    Whats the one sexual thing you cant wait to try?:  To be honest I'm pretty sure I've tried everything I've wanted to. These days I stick with the things I like, that said I'm always open to new experiences.

    What is your star sign?:  Aquarius

    Whats your favourite colour?:  Blue

    Whats your favourite sex position?:  Variety is the spice of life. It's no different when it comes to sex positions.

    Whats the most kinky place you've had sex?:  An orgy in a nightclub.

    Share your most embarrasing sexual moment?:  When I lost my virginity at the tender age of 17. I lasted all of two minutes.

    What do you do on Sundays?:  Sleep in if I can.

    Give us all your best sex tip.:  Pay attention to the person you're with and what turns them on, don't make it all about yourself.

    How did you orgasm for the first time?:  That's way too long ago for me to remember.

    Have you ever tried anal and do you like it?:  When a girl wants it I'm always happy to oblige.

    Have you ever had a threesome and was it fun?:  Threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes... Fortysomes. They're always fun.

    Alot of people want to experience more sexually, what advice would you give them?:  Don't be afraid to explore and communicate with your partner if you'd like to try something new.

    Want to meet me in person?:  View my escort profile


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